Larry koonse jazz guitarist.
Elite guitarist.

Recorded Original Compositions

Aliya recorded on Journey Together (David Sills)

All Things Waltz recorded on Conversation Piece (LA Jazz Quartet)

Angeles Crest recorded on Americana (Larry Koonse)

Astarte recorded on Astarte (LA Jazz Quartet)

Blues For Adam recorded on Raindance (Darek Oles & Adam Czerwinski) and Conversations (David Roitstein & Larry Koonse)

Blues for Albert E. recorded on Live at Jazz Nad Odra (Los Angeles Jazz Quartet) and Tomorrow is Not Promised (Bob Bowman/Josh Nelson collective)

Boss At Nova recorded on Father and Son Jazz Guitars (Dave & Larry Koonse) 

Briggs recorded on Family Song (LA Jazz Quartet)

Bruise recorded on Stay out of the Sun (Bob Brookmeyer)

Candle recorded on Storybook (Larry Koonse), It’s Personal (Mike Wofford), Lotus Blossom (Jeff Colella and Putter Smith), Conversations (David Roitstein & Larry Koonse), For the Love (Clay Jenkins and Trio East), and Live+2 at Kilbourn Hall (Clay Jenkins and Trio East).

Changes recorded on Americana (Larry Koonse)

Childs Time recorded on Pictures (Darek Oles & Adam Czerwinski) and Conversations (David Roitstein & Larry Koonse)

Dirge recorded on Look to the East (LA Jazz Quartet)

Fax Fiction recorded on Americana (Larry Koonse)

For Chopin recorded on Storybook (Larry Koonse)

Harlequin recorded on Storybook (Larry Koonse)

In Between recorded on Corduroy Road (Tom Warrington)

Island Song recorded on Storybook (Larry Koonse)

J and J recorded on Raindance (Darek Oles & Adam Czerwinski)

Jazz Passacaglia recorded on Astarte (LA Jazz Quartet), Connection (David Friesen), Three Play (John Gross), Dialogues of the Heart, (Dave and Larry Koonse), and Passages (Kim Richmond)

Labyrinth recorded on Back Nine (Tom Warrington)

Light and Shadow recorded on Back Nine (Tom Warrington)

Living Room recorded on The Mountain (Tom Warrington) and Secret Tea (Chris Wabich)

Longing recorded on Stay out of the Sun (Bob Brookmeyer)

Look to the East recorded on Look to the East (LA Jazz Quartet) and East and West (Mike Fahn)

Looking Walking Being recorded on Looking Walking Being (Aga Zaryan)

Lubambo recorded on Pictures (Darek Oles & Adam Czerwinski)

Message to Roit recorded on Family Song (LA Jazz Quartet)

Orion recorded on Steve Houghton Signature Series (Steve Houghton)

Picking up the Pieces recorded on Picking up the Pieces (Aga Zaryan)

Rachel and Sarah recorded on Family Song (LA Jazz Quartet) and Nelson (Tom Warrington)

Senegal Trance Dance recorded on Storybook (Larry Koonse)

Shall We recorded on Steve Houghton Signature Series (Steve Houghton) and Nelson (Tom Warrington)

Sills Sails recorded on Green (David Sills) and Pictures (Darek Oles & Adam Czerwinski)

Star Jasmine recorded on Bigs (David Sills) and Nelson (Tom Warrington)

Vignette recorded on Storybook (Larry Koonse)

Winding Road recorded on Family Song (LA Jazz Quartet)