Larry koonse jazz guitarist.
Elite guitarist.


Recordings as a Leader

Album cover shows david roitstein at the piano with larry koonse playing acoustic guitar with album name, conversations.


album cover What's in the Box? - Larry Koonse leader

What’s In the Box?

Album cover for storybook:  larry koonse and oleskiewicz with munjungo Jackson.

What’s In the Box?

Album cover for: Dialogues of the heart - dave and larry koonse.

Dialogues of the Heart

Album cover: americana - larry koonse with david roitstein, scott colley, kendall kay.


Recordings as a Co-Leader

Album cover Conversation Piece - Larry Koonse co-leader.
Conversation Piece
Album cover Look to the East by David Sills - Larry Koonse co-leader.
Look to the East
Album cover Family Song - Larry Koonse co-leader.
Family Song
Album cover for Astarte - Larry Koonse co-leader.

Recordings as a Sideman

Inner Urge – Marina Pacowski, Summit Records (2023)

Truth Be Told – Angie Wells, Cafe Pacific Records (2023)

Tomorrow Is Not Promised – Bob Bowman/Josh Nelson Collective, Steel Bird Records (2023)

Convergency – Dave Slonaker Big Band, Origin Records (2022)

The Way You Are – Yves Carini, Yesansa 171746 (2021)

Blue Skies – Seth MacFarlane, Universal Republic (2022)

A Sentimental Christmas – Nat King Cole and Friends, Capitol Records (2021)

New Standards – Kenny G, Concord Records (2021)

Live at Bluewhale (Volume 1) – Josh Nelson, Steel Bird Music (2021)

Back to the Garden – Judy Wexler, Jewel City Jazz (2021) 

The Way You Are – Yves Carini, Yesansa 171746 (2021)

Great Songs from Stage & Screen – Seth MacFarlane, Universal Republic (2020)

Dreams of Flying – Janis Mann/Kenny Werner, Self Produced (2020)

Live at Jazz Nad Odra – Los Angeles Jazz Quartet, L.A. Jazz Quartet Music (2019)

Once in a While – Seth MacFarlane, Universal Republic Records (2019)

Live at Jazz Nad Odra – Los Angeles Jazz Quartet, L.A. Jazz Quartet Music (2019)

Morning Sun – Munyungo Jackson, Djembe Music (2019)

Natural Lines – David Sills, Gut String Records GSR 048 (2019)

Amethyst – Melbreeze, MCC (2019)

Brain Scan – Brian Scanlon, Scan Man Music (2019)

Coming Home – Lolly Allen, Origin Records OA2 22178 (2019)

Crowded Heart – Judy Wexler, Jewel City Jazz (2019)

Hiroe’s Spirit – Hiroe Sekine, Blue Canoe Records (2019)

New Jazz Standards Vol. 4 – Larry Koonse, Summit Records DCD 740 (2019)

Prelude to a Kiss – Calabria Foti, MoCo Records MoCo 23-06 (2019)

Duke’s Place – Tom Culver, Cafe Pacific Records CPCD 16060 (2019)

If it Ain’t Love – Patrice Jégou, Prairie Star Records (051497063771) (2019)

The Shakespeare Project – Deborah Shulman, Summit Records DCD 671 (2019)

Dreamsville – Cathy Segal-Garcia, Dash Hoffman Records DHR 1023 (2019)

Art of Life – May Okita, Origin Records 82771 (2019)

The Heart Already Knows – Kate Reid, Self Produced (2018)

The Music in My Head – Michael Franks, P-Vine Records (2018)

Animazonia – Melbreeze, Blue Canoe Records (2018)

A Ton of Trouble – Maggie Herrernaereon, Self Produced (2018)

Texting and Driving – Dave Tull, Toy Car Records TCR-0210 (2018)

Moonlight – Gary Brumburgh, Cafe Pacific Records (2018)

West Coast Trio – Roberta Piket, 13th Note Records TNR 011 (2018)

Eyes Wide Open – Jamie Shew, Cafe Pacific Records (2018)

The Rings of Saturn – Joanne Tatham, Cafe Pacific Records CPCD 14060 (2018)

Here Comes the Sun – Dolores Scozzesi, Cafe Pacific Records CPCD 14050 (2018)

Say It – John Proulx, AS 0159 ArtistShare (2018)

Inner Voices – Marco Renteria, Self produced (2018)

Structures – David Friesen, Origin Records 82744 (2017)

Dreams – Sinne Eeg, ArtistShare (2017)

Inspirations – Pat Senatore, Fresh Sound Records FSR 5057 (2017)

In Full Swing – Seth MacFarlane, Universal Republic Records (2017)

Christmas after Midnight – Fantasia, Concord Records (2017)

One World One Sun – Hiroe Sekine, Sony Music MHCL 2683 (2017)

Prototype – Jeff Lorber, Concord Music Group (2017)

Colours of Sound – Simon Pilbrow, Self Produced (CD Baby) (2017)

Life – MSM Schmidt, Laika Records (2017)

The Company I Keep – Mark Winkler, Café Pacific Records CPCD 45135 (2017)

BACHanalia – Bill Cunliffe, Metra Records M1009 (2017)

The Arrangement – Sylvia Brooks, Self produced 39435 (2017)

Lenguaje Universal – Juan Carlos Coronel, Elite Entretenimiento (2017)

Sing (Motion Picture Soundtrack) – Various Artists, Republic Record 002600302 (2017)

Minha Casa – Carol Bach-y-rita, Self produced (2016)

Taylor Street – Carol Robbins, Jazzcats Records JCTS 109 (2016)

Christmas Lady – Sue Raney, Fresh Sound Records FSR-CD 5504 (2016)

The American Dream – Damian Draghici, Century Jazz Records CJR 1387 (2016)

All L.A. Big Band – Bob Mintzer, Fuzzy Music PEPCD 022 (2016)

Then & Now – The Phil Norman Tentet, MAMA Records 1051 (2016)

Turquoise – Mel Breeze, MCC Records (2016)

Dr. Um – Peter Erskine, Fuzzy Music PEPCD021 (2016)

Wonders – Scott Jeppesen, Creative Bottle Music (2016)

My Heart’s in the Wind – Deborah Shulman, Summit Records DCD 671 (2016)

My Favorite Songs – Lisa Ono, Dreamusic Inc. MUCD – 1323 (2015)

Step it Up – Jeff Lorber, Concord Music Group (2015)

Sense of Gratitude – Brian Eisenberg Jazz Orchestra featuring Vinnie Colaiuta (2015)

For the Love – Trio East, Sons of Sound SSPCD033 (2015)

Live+2 at Kilbourn Hall – Trio East, Sons of Sound SSPCD033 (2015)

Lado B Brazilian Project – Catina DeLuna, CD Baby 888295303866 (2015)

Do Jazz – Chie Ayado, MYDO 002 (2015)

Jazz and Other Four Letter Words – Mark Winkler, Cafe Pacific Records CPCD 15125             (2015)

It Could Happen – The H2 Big Band, Origin Records 82685 (2015)

Art and Soul – Kirsten Edkins (2015)

Exploring Mars – Josh Nelson, Origin Records 82687 (2015)

Form and Formless – Ellen Johnson, Vocal Visions (2015)

Crazy Moon – Mark Miller, Sliding Jazz Door Productions 888295300247 (2015)

Conversations – David Roitstein and Larry Koonse, Jazz Compass JC1024 (2015)

Live at the Lighthouse – Dick Weller Quintet (2015)

Where the Light Falls – David Friesen, Origin Records 82677 (2014)

Friends … the music of Jarek Smietana – Larry Goldings, John Scofield and others,    Universal Music (2014)

The Track House Sessions – Tad Weed, CD Baby Records 5638322026 (2014)

Rock Me Sweet – Barbara Lusch, Slimstyle Records (2014)

Overtones for two Guitars – Pat Kelley, Artsong Music ASM 02014-10 (2014)

Sweet Pastries – Various Artists, LiquidJazz (2014)

Can’t Help Falling – Deanne Matley DNMCHF (2014)

Hacienda – Jeff Lorber Fusion, Heads Up International HUI-34476-02 (2013)

Buon Natale: The Christmas Album – Il Volo, Geffen Records 001911402 (2013)

El Guapo – Scott Jeppesen, Creative Bottle Music (2013)

What I See – Judy Wexler, Jazzed Media JM 1065 (2013)

Blue’s the New Green – David Sills, Gut String Records GSR 013 (2013)

West Coast Strings – Diane Hubka, SSJ Records SSJ-USA003 (2013)

Brilliant Heart – David Friesen, ITM Archives ITM 920014 (2013)

Shoshana Bush & Friends – Shoshana Bush, (2013)

The Laura Nyro Project – Mark Winkler, Cafe Pacific Records (2013)

Forty Nine – Yoonchan Kwak, Sony Music (2013)

Hayley Sings – Rachael MacFarlane, Concord Records CRE-33326-02 (2012)

The Best Thing for You – John Proulx, MaxJazz MXJ 508 (2012)

Book of Chet – Luciana Souza, Sunnyside Records (2012)

West Coast Strings – Diane Hubka Boundee Records (2012)

You Are There – Diane Linscott DJAZZL Music (2012)

Moraga – Carol Robbins, Jazzcats Records JCTS 108 (2012)

Never Been Blue – Mark Curry, RK records (2012)

Lost in the Stars: The Music of Bernstein, Weill, & Sondheim – Deborah Shulman   Summit   Records DCD 588 (2012)

Asterperious Special – Gavin Templeton, Ninewinds Records (2012)

The Great American Song Writers Vol. 1 (George and Ira Gershwin) – Lulee Fisher Red   Road   Records (2012)

After the Rainfall – Hiroe Sekine, Sekai Music SM1002 (2012)

The Illustrated Man – Joe Santa Maria, Bandcamp Records (2012)

Galaxy – Jeff Lorber, Heads Up Records HUI3317302 (2011)

Nelson – Tom Warrington, Jazz Compass JC1020 (2011)

Go – Anne Walsh, AtoZink Music (2011)

Continuum – The Clare Fischer Big Band, Clavo Records (2011)

Music is Better than Words – Seth MacFarlane, Universal Republic Records (2011)

Discoveries – Josh Nelson, Steel Bird Records SBM006 (2011)

Days of Yesterday – Hiromi Kanda LDK1040 Music Gate Records (2011)

A Book Of Luminous Things – Aga Zaryan, Blue Note Records (2011)

Encore – Phil Norman Tentet, MAMA Records 1040 (2011)

Under A Painted Sky – Judy Wexler,Jazzed Media JM1052 (2011)

Close Your Eyes – Erna Ferry, TBone Records cdjay 415 (2011)

A Tribute to Paul Desmond – Bruce Babad, PrimroseLane Music PLM-015 (2011)

Good Signs – Clay Jenkins, Jazz Compass JC1019 (2011)

Close your Eyes – Bob Sheppard, BFM Jazz (2010)

Coming of Age – Dirk Fischer, Sea Breeze Jazz SBJ-2153 (2010)

The Real Deal – George Stone (2010)

Autumn:  In Moving Pictures – Billy Childs Ensemble, ArtistShare AS 0104 (2010)

Fly Me to the Moon: The Great American Songbook, Vol. 5 – Rod Stewart, JRecords   (2010)

The Gershwin Songbook – Cheryl Bentyne, ArtistShare (2010)

When Love Happens – Sandra Booker, The Booker Group 11014 (2010)

Crazy – Solo and ensemble guitar features from the soundtrack of the film dramatizing   the life of   guitar great Hank Garland, Favored Nations FN2600-2 (2010)

Best of Love Songs  – Jackie Ryan, Openart 07252 (2010)

Now is the Time  – Jeff Lorber, Heads Up International HUI-32029 (2010)

Mid-Century Modern  – Kathy Kosins, Mahogany Records (2010)

All the Way to Mars  – Melora Hardin, LML Music LML CD-249 (2010)

Merry Christmas Darling – Natalie Cole, DMI Records (2009)

First Rain – Inga Swearingen, Rhythome Records RHY430922 (2009)

Musical Chairs – Robert Payne, Payne Records (2009)

Kelly’s Smile – Jill Schoelen, Onward and Upward Records (2009)

The Way They Make Me Feel – Angela Hagenbach, Resonance Records RCD-1011   (2009)

Tide – Luciana Souza, Verve Records B0012688-02 (2009)

Legendary  – Bob Florence Limited Edition, MMA Records MAA 1037 (2009)

Pictures  – Darek Oles and Adam Czerwinski ACR 002 (2009)

Some Byrds like to Fly  – Jeff Alkire and Tim Metz, Independent release (2009)

Our Delight  – Paul Gormley quartet featuring Sam Most, Talking Dog Music TDM-1004   (2009)

The Cole Porter Songbook – Cheryl Bentyne, King Records (Japan) KICJ-567 (2009)

Simple Song – Ben Wendel, Sunnyside Records 1216 (2009)

In the Meantime – Kristin Korb, Double K Music (2009)

The Mountain  – Tom Warrington Trio featuring Bob Sheppard, Jazz Compass   JC1017 (2009)

Modern Antique – Robin McKelle, Cheap Lullaby Records (2008)

How Do I Get To Mars? – Carlo Marcotulli with Dick Halligan, ACT Records ACT 9720-2   (2008)

Totally Live at Catalina Jazz Club  – The Phil Norman Tentet, Mama Records MAA1034   2CD   Set (2008)

Let’s . . . – Roger Cairns, AHP Productions (2008)

If Music Be The Food Of Love – Sharmila Guha (2008)

Behind the Velvet Curtain  – Rebecca Pidgeon, Great American Music Company CD-  GA-162   (2008)

The Odd Couple – Ron Kalina and Jim Self, Basset Hound Records BHR 110-2 (2008)

What’s in the Box  – Larry Koonse plays the music of Jimmy Wyble, Jazz Compass   JC1016   (2008)

Of Two Minds – Leslie Lewis, Surf Cove Jazz SCJ100 (2008)

Ryan Dragon Quintet  – Ryan Dragon Dragonbonemusic (837101291842) (2007)

East and West  – Mike Fahn Quintets (837101427920) (2007)

What We Have  – Louis Durra 63447977601 (2007)

Back to the Start  – Danny House quartet (2007)

Arioso – Korean cellist Yun Jung Huh, Stomp Classic Records (2007)

My Heart’s in the Wind – Deborah Shulman with Terry Trotter (2007)

A Lovely Way to Spend the Evening – Calabria Foti, MoCo Records 23-002 (2007)

Classic Songs …. My Way  – Paul Anka, Decca Records #000870702 (2007)

Parallel Lives  – Rob Lockhart, Origin Records Origin 82485 (2007)

Lullaby for Elizabeth – Peter Slocombe (2007)

Green – David Sills, Origin Records 82480 (2007)

Expectation – Darek Oles featuring Janis Siegel andPeter Erskine, Kind of Blue Records 10021   (2007)

Dreamsville – John Vance, Erawan Records ER-2007-1 (2007)

You and the Night and the Music  – Jackie Ryan, OpenArt Records OA07292 (2007)

Jade Vision – Chris Wabich with Darek Oles, Sea Breeze Records SBJ-3082 (2007)

Call Me Irresponsible – Michael Buble´, Reprise Records (2007)

Eternal Licks and Grooves – Bob Florence Limited Edition, MAMA Records MAA 1030   (2007)

One Kiss is not Enough – Dennise Neill featuring Ron Stout, DNP Records (2007)

Blues State – Clay Jenkins featuring Harold Danko, Jazz Compass JC 1015 (2007)

Cancaos Do Amor –  Bobby Shew plays the music of Reed Kotler, Torii Records (2007)

Diane Hubka Goes to the Movies – Diane Hubka, 18th & Vine Records 18V 1054   (2007)

John Pisano’s Guitar Night  – Duo with Peter Bernstein, Mel Bay Records 10412CD (2)   (2007)

Everyone’s Hero – Chris Botti featuring Lyle Lovett, Sony Records (2006)

Picking up the Pieces – Aga Zaryan, Polskie Radio PRCD 381 (2006)

Storybook – Larry Koonse and Darek Oles, Jazz Compass JC 1013 (2006)

Can’t Stop Now – Geoff Aymar, Rigamarole Records RR-0104 (2006)

Why Can’t You Behave – Kristin Korb, Double K Music (2006)

Standard Scotch – Scotch Ellis Loring, Promised Land Records (2006)

I’m Just the Guy For You! – Rick Blessing, Fast Friends Music RB 00010-06 (2006)

On the Fly – Liam Sillery, OA2Records Origin 22030  (2006)

I’m Just a Lucky So and So – Paul Gormley quartet featuring Sam Most, Talking Dog   Music TDM – 1003 (2006)

I’ll Always Know – Music of Reed Kotler featuring Bob Sheppard, Torii Records (2006)

These Days – Ellen Johnson featuring Sheila Jordan, Vocal Visions VV 2700 (2006)

Tak’in Notes – Jeff Alkire quartet, Jeffypop Records (2006)

Introducing Robin McKelle – Robin McKelle Cheap Lullaby Records CLR – 010 (2006)

Three – Brian Swartz Trio featuring Darek Oles Summit Records DCD 455 (2006)

What Love Is  – Erin Boheme, Concord Records CCD-2286-2 (2006)

Down the Line – David Sills featuring Alan Broabent and Gary Foster, Origin Records   82458 (2006)

Connection – David Friesen (2 CD set featuring a trio with Joe La Barbera and a duo   with David Friesen) ITM Archives ITM 920001 (2006)

A Scot In L.A. – Roger Cairn featuring Darek Oles and Joe La Barbera 5858 (2006)

Jazz Palette – Gene Burkert featuring Christian Jacob,  Sea Breeze Records SB-3078   (2006)

Once I Loved – Mark Fontana, Astrolux Records (2005)

Raindance – Adam Czerwinski & Darek Oles featuring Larry Goldings, ACR 001 (2005)

Jazz Play – Carol Robbins featuring Bob Sheppard, Jazzcats JCTS-105 (2005)

Fantazm – John La Barbera Big Band, Jazz Compass JC 1011 (2005)

Lyric  – Billy Childs Chamber Ensemble featuring Brian Blade, Lunacy Music   LM-1001(2005)

And So Is Love – Rita Coolidge produced by Jimmy Haslip, Concord Records   CCD-2271-2 (2005)

Rock Swings – Paul Anka, Verve Records (2005)

Love Finds You –  Bruce Brown (2005)

Let Me Off Uptown – Cheryl Bentyne, Telarc Jazz CD-83606 (2005)

The LA – NZ Jazz Connection – Rodger Fox and Brian Smith, T-Bone Records TB 15   (2005)

2 for the Road – Deborah Schulman with Terry Trotter, D.S. Records DS6583 (2005)

Land of the Sun – Charlie Haden with Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Verve Records B000288702   (2004)

Stardust: The Great American Songbook, Vol. 3  –  Rod Stewart, J Records 55820   (2004)

Hummin’ to Myself  – Linda Ronstadt featuring Alan Broadbent, Verve Records (2004)

Back Nine  – Tom Warrington Trio featuring Joe La Barbera, Jazz Compass JC1010   (2004)

Eastern View – David Sills, Origin Records 82437(2004)

Drop Me off in Harlem – Paul Gormley quartet featuring Sam Most, Talking Dog Music   TDM – 1001 (2004)

Tomo – The Music of Reed Kotler featuring Bob Sheppard, Torii Records (2004)

Snowfall – Jazz Compass featuring Bill Cunliffe, Jazz Compass JC1009 (2004)

Final Interplay – Warne Marsh/Larry Koonse Duo, Polystar MTCJ-1067 (2004)

Good Stuff  – Dave Amelee, DLA Music DLA-001 (2004)

Like a Dream – Darek Oles featuring Brad Mehldau, Cryptogramophone CG119 (2004)

Sunday Afternoons at the Lighthouse Cafe –  The Jack Nimitz Quintet, Woofy   Productions WPCD132 (2004)

BeBop Bahama – Tom Liston/Chris Wabash, Sea Breeze Records SB-3064 (2003)

As Time Goes By: The Great American Songbook, Vol. 2  – Rod Stewart, J Records   55710 (2003)

On the Same Page – Stefanie Powers featuring Page Cavanaugh, Jambo Records 100   (2003)

Azalea – L.M. Pagano, Bop City Records DHS1564 (2003)

Blue Scarlett – Russ Reinberg, Westlake Records CDJ-001 (2003)

Dialogues of the Heart – Dave and Larry Koonse, Jazz Compass JC1005 (2003)

Wide Range –  Phil Norman Tentet, Concord Records CCD-2197-2 (2003)

Whatever Bubbles Up – Bob Florence Limited Edition, Summit Records DCD 360   (2003)

Stay Out of the Sun – Bob Brookmeyer, Challenge Records CHR 70110 (2003)

The Night was Blue – Kurt Reichenbach, NBB9112-2  (2003)

Tony Jones Vocal Project  – Tony Jones featuring Larry Goldings TJ Records (2003)

Appassionato – Frank Marocco, Marocco Records 2003-1 (2003)

Daisy  – Yoonchan Kwak, Blue Shrimp Records DK0377 (2003)

Midnight Brew – George Kahn, Playing Records (2002)

In Love Again – Lulee Fisher, Red Road Records RRR001 (2002)

The Music of Eric Von Essen  Volume 3 – Various Artists, Cryptogramophone CG115   (2002)

Christmas Paradise – Tom Liston, Steel Tropics Records (2002)

The Legacy Lives On II  – Terry Gibbs, Mack Avenue Records MAC1005 (2002)

In The Now  – Bob Sheppard, Sirocco Jazz SLJ 1018 (2002)

Jazz Yule Love –  Terry Gibbs Quartet, Mack Avenue Records MAC1007 (2002)

The Andy Martin Quartet with Dave Pell – Andy Martin, Woofy Productions WPCD113   (2002)

Silos – Beth Fitchet Wood, Maywood Records MWR011 (2001)

Bigs – David Sills, NAXOS JAZZ 86070-2 (2001)

Corduroy Road  – Tom Warrington Trio featuring Joe La Barbera, Jazz Compass   JC1002 (2001)

Azure Eyes  – Clay Jenkins, Jazz Compass JC1003 (2001)

Americana – Larry Koonse, Jazz Compass JC1001 (2001)

Faces  – Jessie Wills, Canary Records (2001)

Into the Light  – Julie Kelly, Chase Music 8061 (2001)

Three Wishes  –  Miki Howard, Peak Records 8502 (2001)

Enchantment  – Marcie Castro, Brazam Records BR 032 (2001)

Be Cool Be Kind  – Carla Helmbrecht, Heart Music 06-0020-60024-2 (2001)

Secret Tea –  Chris Wabich Trio, Sea Breeze Records SB3048 (2001)

Stay Tuned – Gerard Hagen Trio plus guests, Sea Breeze Records SB-3049 (2001)

The Music of Eric Von Essen Volume 2 – Various Artists, Cryptogramophone CG103   (2001)

An Unsung Cat,  The Life and Music of Warne Marsh – Warne Marsh, Storyville   Records STCD8314 (2000)

The Legacy Lives On – Ray Brown Trio, Mack Avenue Records MAC1003 (2000)

Remembering Bill Evans –  Karen Gallinger, Sea Breeze Records SB3041 (2000)

The Music of Eric Von Essen, Volume 1 – Various Artists, Cryptogramophone CG103   (2000)

Mel Torme – Best of the Concord Years  – Mel Torme, Concord Jazz 4871 (1999)

Conversation Piece – L.A. Jazz Quartet (Co-leader and producer), NAXOS JAZZ   86045-2 (1999)

What’s in Store –  Jessie Wills, Canary Records (1999)

Concord Jazz Heritage Series  – Mel Torme, Concord Jazz 4811 (1998)

Journey Together  – David Sills, NAXOS JAZZ 86023-2 (1998)

Family Song  – L.A. Jazz Quartet (Co-leader and producer), Not Two Records MW   705-2 (1998)

Look to the East  – L.A. Jazz Quartet (Co-leader and producer), NAXOS JAZZ 86009-2   (1998)

Windsong – Steve Houghton, SPHERC Records (1998)

Changes – Phil Maturano, Ghost888 (1998)

Vibes Alive – Dirk Richter, Sindrome Records 8926 (1997)

Jazz at Midnight  – Compilation, RCA 68726 (1997)

Fire Martians – Bob & Dick Weller, YUSM Records (1997)

A Close Encounter of the Very Best Kind – Phil Ranelin, Lifeforce Records LFR1007   (1996)

Breezin’ – Compilation, Intersound 4764 (1996)

Terry Trotter Plays Michel Legrand – Terry Trotter, Varese Sarabande Records VSD–  5735   (1996)

Misfits of Silence – Jeff Babko, NCM West Records NCM CD 101 (1996)

Hearts – John O’Banion, Sweet Basil/ Apollon APCZ-8027 (1995)

Stories To Tell – Julie Kelly, Chase Music Group CMD 8039 (1994)

Astarte – L.A. Jazz Quartet (Co-leader) GOWI Records COG-13 (1994)

Two Brothers – Bill Perkins and Herbie Harper, V.S.O.P. Records V.S.O.P. #80 (1992)

Steve Houghton – Steve Houghton, Blue Mesa Records R2 79195 (1994)

Nothing Without You – Mel Torme and Cleo Laine, Concord Jazz CCD-4515 (1992)

Secret Circle – Steve Crum, AMEL-8888 (1992)

Give and Gather – Clay Jenkins, Alfa Records ALCA-241 (1991)

Three Play – Co-leader, Nine Winds Records NWCD 0133 (1990)

Duke Ellington’s Greatest Hits – Compilation, Intersound 8010 (1989)

Tell-Tale Signs – Bob Sheppard, Windham Hill Jazz WD-0129 (1989)

Jazz – Cleo Laine and Toots Thielemanns, RCA Victor 60548-2-RC (1989)

Jimmy Rowles Plus 2 Plus 3 Plus 4 – Jimmy Rowles, JVC Records VDJ 1189 (1989)

Al Hirt with the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra – Al Hirt, Pro Jazz CDJ 687 (1987)

Woman to Woman – Cleo Laine, RCA Victor 7999-2-RC (1988)

Echoes of Harlem – Rochester Philharmonic, Pro Jazz CDJ 679 (1988)

The Caretaker – Alan Barnes, Riza Records RRL 85-102 (1985)

Father and Son Jazz Guitars – Dave and Larry Koonse, Dobre Records DR 1035   (1977)

Son of Jazz Guitar – Dave and Larry Koonse, Dobre Records DR 1048 (1977)

Recorded Compositions

Aliya recorded on Journey Together (David Sills)

All Things Waltz  recorded on Conversation Piece (LA Jazz Quartet)

Angeles Crest  recorded on Americana (Larry Koonse)

Astarte recorded on Astarte (LA Jazz Quartet)

Blues For Adam recorded on Raindance (Darek Oles & Adam Czerwinski), Conversations (David Roitstein & Larry Koonse)

Boss At Nova recorded on Father and Son Jazz Guitars (Dave & Larry Koonse)

Briggs recorded on Family Song (LA Jazz Quartet)

Bruise recorded on Stay out of the Sun (Bob Brookmeyer)

Candle recorded on Storybook (Larry Koonse), It’s Personal (Mike Wofford), Lotus Blossom (Jeff Colella and Putter Smith), Conversations (David Roitstein & Larry Koonse)

Changes recorded on Americana (Larry Koonse)

Childs Time recorded on Pictures (Darek Oles & Adam Czerwinski), Conversations (David Roitstein & Larry Koonse)

Dirge recorded on Look to the East (LA Jazz Quartet)

Fax Fiction recorded on Americana (Larry Koonse)

For Chopin recorded on Storybook (Larry Koonse)

Harlequin recorded on Storybook (Larry Koonse)

In Between recorded on Corduroy Road (Tom Warrington)

Island Song recorded on Storybook (Larry Koonse)

J and J recorded on Raindance (Darek Oles & Adam Czerwinski)

Jazz Passacaglia recorded on Astarte (LA Jazz Quartet), Connection (David Friesen), Three Play (John Gross), Dialogues of the Heart, (Dave and Larry Koonse), and Passages (Kim Richmond)

Labyrinth  recorded on Back Nine (Tom Warrington)

Light and Shadow  recorded on Back Nine (Tom Warrington)

Living Room recorded on The Mountain (Tom Warrington) and Secret Tea (Chris Wabich)

Longing recorded on Stay out of the Sun (Bob Brookmeyer)

Look to the East  recorded on Look to the East (LA Jazz Quartet) and East and West (Mike Fahn)

Looking Walking Being recorded on Looking Walking Being (Aga Zaryan)

Lubambo recorded on Pictures (Darek Oles & Adam Czerwinski)

Message to Roit  recorded on Family Song (LA Jazz Quartet)

Orion recorded on Steve Houghton Signature Series (Steve Houghton)

Picking up the Pieces recorded on Picking up the Pieces (Aga Zaryan)

Rachel and Sarah recorded on Family Song (LA Jazz Quartet) and Nelson (Tom Warrington)

Senegal Trance Dance recorded on Storybook (Larry Koonse)

Shall We recorded on Steve Houghton Signature Series (Steve Houghton) and Nelson (Tom Warrington)

Sills Sails  recorded on Green (David Sills) and Pictures (Darek Oles & Adam Czerwinski)

Star Jasmine recorded on Bigs (David Sills) and Nelson (Tom Warrington)

Vignette recorded on Storybook (Larry Koonse)

Winding Road recorded on Family Song (LA Jazz Quartet)