Larry koonse jazz guitarist.
Elite guitarist.


Album cover shows david roitstein at the piano with larry koonse playing acoustic guitar with album name, conversations.

DAVID ROITSTEIN & LARRY KOONSE Jazz Compass (January 20, 2015) Ten jazz compositions from pianist David Roitstein and jazz guitarist Larry Koonse. Jazz Compass, January 20, 2015 TRACKLIST 1. Mamulengo 2. Think of One 3. Candle 4. Blip Blop 5. In Time . . . 6. Snowglobe 7. George Kennedy 8. Childs Time 9. Blues … Read more

What’s In the Box?

Album cover for: what's in the box? Larry koonse plays the music of Jimmy Wyble.

LARRY KOONSE PLAYS THE MUSIC OF JIMMY WYBLE Jazz Compass (January 22, 2008) Here from Larry Koonse are fresh interpretations of the legendary guitarist Jimmy Wyble’s original solo guitar music. Jimmy’s creative gems are interpreted in solo, duo, trio, and quartet settings in a recording which features the talents of Dave Koonse, Darek Oleszkiewicz, Joe … Read more


Album cover for storybook: larry koonse and oleskiewicz with munjungo Jackson.

Larry Koonse & Darek Oleszkiewicz with Munyungo Jackson Jazz Compass (October 17, 2006) Storybook is a unique collaboration between Larry Koonse and Darek Oleszkiewicz that features original compositions encompassing everything from music inspired by the great masters of the classical era through music influenced by many different cultures spanning the globe with improvisation at the core. … Read more

Dialogues of the Heart

Album cover for: Dialogues of the heart - dave and larry koonse.

DAVE AND LARRY KOONSE Jazz Compass (October 21, 2003) Dialogues of the Heart is a recording that documents the meeting of father and son guitarists Dave Koonse and Larry Koonse. This journey through the standard repertoire reflects the meeting of old traditions with a nod towards the future of the genre.   TRACKLIST 1. Beautiful Love … Read more


Album cover: americana - larry koonse with david roitstein, scott colley, kendall kay.

Jazz Compass (May 7, 2002) This recording marks the reunion of two musicians who share a musical association and friendship that goes back over 20 years. Larry Koonse and Scott Colley have combined their talents to produce a CD that contains a mix of straight-ahead and far-reaching experimental improvisation that is engaging and forward-looking.   … Read more