Family Song

Los Angeles Jazz Quartet

NotTwo (1998)

The Los Angeles Jazz Quartet performs original compositions that relate their 3rd album to family and close friends. As with most of modern mainstream acoustic jazz, the compositions are used as a basis from which the artists improvise. That they’ve been together for six years is evident from the manner in which each artist supports the others. Guitarist Larry Koonse lays down fluid lines that serve as a foundation for the unit’s harmony. His improvisations are equally fluid, but with detailed and spontaneous exposition. Tenor saxophonist Chuck Manning offers a gentle breathy approach at times to evoke certain moods; elsewhere he rips off featured solos that provide stark contrast. Bassist Darek Oles fills several roles, each of them quite lyrical. When walking the bass, taking a romantic solo, or laying down a syncopated riff, his work is always in tandem with the melody. Drummer Kevin Tullius fills in beside the others, comps accordingly for soloists, and stretches out during fours and other solo work.
(Jim Santella, AllAboutJazz)


1. Family Song 7:47
2. Briggs 9:48
3. Message From Roit 7:58
4. Resurgence 7:27
5. Winding Road 6:31
6. A Tear From New York 8:51
7. The Honeymoon 5:12
8. Rachel And Sarah 6:27

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