David Roitstein & Larry Koonse

Jazz Compass (January 20, 2015)


1. Mamulengo
2. Think of One
3. Candle
4. Blip Blop
5. In Time…
6. Snowglobe
7. George Kennedy
8. Childs Time
9. Blues for Adam
10. Luiza


Downbeat Magazine, 4 star review (April, 2015):
“Pianist David Roitstein and guitarist Larry Koonse rule deeply considered, thought-provoking jazz terrain here. This album speaks low but eloquently and, like any good conversation, dares you to overhear it. These two have recorded before and know when to intertwine and when to give each other room. Together, they forge a unique sound . . .  These two are such fine players–and thinkers–that their music never comes off as anything but heartfelt.”
Carlo Wolff


“Playing duo is not for the faint of heart. Each musician needs to walk a near-constant tightrope between compelling dialogue and graceful accompaniment. A great example is on the transcendent new release, Conversations, by David Roitstein and Larry Koonse. An album that surprises at every turn.”
Jon Regen, Keyboard Magazine (April 15, 2015)


“Two individual voices speak as one instrument. The music is just sublime . . .  everybody needs music like this.”


“Jazz can swing; it can be joyous; it can be beautiful. Occasionally, it can be all of these things at the same time. On this album, Koonse and Roitstein have achieved that pinnacle.”
Ric Bang,

Album Tracks

  • Mamulengo

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  • Luiza

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